Unye Cement Industry and Trade Inc. was established on 28 May 1969 in Unye, Ordu to perform cement production. Having started the activities with a capital in total amount of TL 1.000.000 which is constituted by 40 percent share held by Turkiye Cement Industry and Trade Inc. and OYAK and 20 percent share held by natural persons, the factory performed its first cement production on May 27, 1974.

With its installed capacity of 600.000 ton/year cement, the factory has reached up to its current clinker production capacity of 1,5 million ton/ year and cement production capacity of 2,6 million ton/year following capacity increase, improvement and modernization activities performed by the company at various dates from its establishment.

All products produced by Unye Cement have EC Certificates of Conformity. Various types of cement conforming to TSE standards are also produced.

Şirket satışlarını üç noktadan yapmaktadır:

Central Facility: In addition to all administrative activities, the central facility in Unye has an annual clinker capacity of 1.5 million ton and a cement capacity of 2.6 million tons. The majority of domestic sales and export is performed via this central facility and Unye Cement Port at a distance of 2 km to the factory, for which the company holds a right of preferential use for 49 years.

Rize Cayeli Terminal: Having started activity in 1999, the packaging terminal performs sales of bulk and bagged cement to the Eastern Black Sea Region with 22.000 ton stock capacity. We have also ability to make mix designs at the terminal.

ÜÇS has the ability to perform uninterrupted bulk cement shipments to both Romania-Mangalia UNYE CEM SRL Terminal and Çayeli Terminal via pneumatic M/V UNYE CEM 1 vessel, having the cargo capacity of approx 4.200 MTS bulk cement. Belonging to the OYAK Group, that vessel is unique in Black Sea Basin. Due to pneumatic system, we can discharge the bulk cement even in the rainy days and provide the cement to our customers.

We have been providing cement especially to the energy producing plants and Hydro Electric Power Station constructions both on the river Coruh and in Adjara Region in neighbor Georgia. Moreover, our sales team is dynamically monitoring the potential customers and sub structure constructions such as highway, tunnel projects in our sales hinterland. Via our Unye Port, we have been exporting both sling bagged and big bagged cement to Black Sea Countries.

Romania Terminal: The stockpiling and packaging terminal installed at Mangalia Port which came into operation in the first quarter of 2009, was established to supply bulk and bagged cement to the developing Romanian market and Bulgarian market to the border of which it is at a distance of 6 km. Unye Cem SRL company was incorporated in accordance with Romanian laws in 2007.

Ready- Mix Concrete Plants were transferred to OYAK Beton A.S., the affiliate of the Company, as capital in kind in 2004.

The shares of Unye Cement Industry and Trade Inc. have been traded at Istanbul Stock Exchange with the symbol of UNYEC since from 11 May 1990. The Company has become the Corporate Tax champion of Ordu province and the 30th company with the highest profit among 500 major industrial corporations of Turkey in 2007.

Quality certificates held by Unye Cement are;

TS EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System

TS EN ISO 14001: 2005 Environmental Management System

TS 18001: 2008 Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Ünye Cement has established the INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM by combining Quality Management System, Environmental Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.